Some Feedback

I just received some lovely feedback from Rachel of Rotorua. Rachel is a nurse, and purchased some booklets for families. Her husband Neil uses the cards all the time in his work as a school counselor:

"I have a book on our coffee table and guests, friends, and family can all be found flicking through it, commenting, laughing, and going very quiet. Thank you. Each picture repeatedly speaks across the ages and grief journey experience.

My husband is a high school counselor and uses the cards with students and staff. The pictures give people silenced by grief a way to connect, understand and find hope. Thank you.

What experiences can you share that might help other grievers?

The artwork and words on this site are my way of helping other people through the grief process. Unfortunately I have experienced a lot of death in the last few years, but I am not a professional counsellor or a spiritual leader, just an ordinary citizen, who happens to have skills in communicating with words and images. Just an ordinary citizen, somewhat appalled to realize how ill prepared we are for death, as individuals and as a society.

So please, share your thoughts on grief, add your voice to mine, or send me your own artwork via juliet@intouchdesign, so that I can post it that others can join the conversation, and benefit from your experience.

I found that writing and drawing helped me to process the grief. It might help you too.